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During his presentation, he will present examples of how complicated a grading process can become given the different assembly of students in the class and then offer suggestions for resolution. This session is also available in Session Two. This panel presentation will explore the evolving pedagogical spaces both in the virtual and physical world. Within these spaces, the surroundings, furnishings, and tools should work in concert to provide an optimal experience of learning and teaching and should change as the needs of students and faculty evolve. How can we measure student understanding beyond simple regurgitation of information?

How can we help our students internalize what they learn, then justify their understanding? It all starts with how the information is presented.

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Through innovative, research-based instructional practices inspired by classic Socratic questioning, you can lead your students to explore concepts and demonstrate their understanding through logic-based arguments. Do you believe students should be aware of global issues? Imagine your students as policymakers, trendsetters, doctors, technologists, environmentalists, and educators of the future.

The Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education serves as a bridge between Stanford University and K schools and community colleges developing multidisciplinary materials on international topics. Irene Young of St. The Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum EPIC brings together faculty from various disciplines to work with Stanford faculty on projects aimed at developing global awareness among high school and community college students.

Internationalize your curriculum.

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Best Tools for Back-to-School 12222

This presentation also lends itself to advancing global competencies of gifted and talented students, ECHS and DC students. What motivates students to do what they do? What motivates instructors to do what they do? This presentation will delve into the interdependent relationship of teachers and students and give practical advice on how to create positive rather than negative cycles of behavior. Studying is a vital part of success in middle school, high school and college.

Unfortunately, studying is not a skill all students possess before they enter our classes.

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Based upon the science of metacognition and on contextualizing, this presentation will give teachers at all levels practical suggestions on how to help students understand the way their brain learns and how to make it work smarter. This case study reviews Prof.

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The challenges included 1 finding, adapting and remixing a textbook, 2 accessing and creating OER online homework, and 3 creating support videos and instructional supplements. Pedagogical decisions abound. After all, the goal is to use R to teach statistics--not to teach R to do statistics. The resulting course clarifies, to both student and teacher, how students are understanding statistics. You will hear a sound to indicate you should move to your second and third GIFT session.

This presentation will highlight some of the most important concepts the presenter has used to create high student achievement and he will explain how these techniques can be applied across many teaching situations.

9 Useful Apps for Educators

This is a quick look at a simple freeware program that allows for video capture and editing as well as practice and quizzes. Finland is now considered to have the best educational system in the world. Finnish teachers cover less material than classes in the U. Learn Finland's methods for creating deep learning, student confidence, and high student interest. ChemAssist is a hands-on manipulative that allows students to combine elements and polyatomic ions into compounds as well as write and balance chemical equations in a new visual format.

Practicing with ChemAssist for weeks allows students to visualize ions and balance chemical equations with new certainty and expertise. See how this works and how it can work for you and your students! This will be a simple presentation encouraging teachers to download and use the ZipGrade app available for Android and iOS. Alquiza will be sharing how it has helped him in his college-level Physics classes and he will show examples of what he uses it for. Move over Skype! Attend this session for a short demo on using Zoom for video chatting, screen sharing, and session recording.

We have New Ways to access Conference Information! This Year we are using QR Codes. Or you can use an App called EventsXD. Participants can access the schedule and surveys electronically by scanning a QR code with their cell phones or by using a computer to access the schedule and surveys. See the screen capture below for a few steps to scan a code if you have never scanned a QR code before:. This resource will provide new ideas for differentiating instruction and offering students choice across the curriculum.

Instead of assigning boring worksheets and tedious tasks or practice problems, teachers today can design active and fun learning experiences that build on student strengths and interests by using exciting edtech tools—like WeVideo. In the hands of creative educators, Adobe Spark provides students with a fun way to embrace critical communication and creativity skills. Download Poster. Formerly a high school English teacher, Dr. Mark Wagner has since served as an educational technology coordinator at the site, district, and county levels.

He now serves as President and CEO of the EdTechTeam, a global network of educational technologists which provides professional development and consulting services to learning institutions, non-profits, and for-profit education companies. They aim to inspire and empower other educators to do the same.