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Living out the call to holiness in daily life
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Called to be holy: Cardinal Dolan’s step guide to holiness

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Spiritual resources, posts and advice for Catholics

Spanish Language. Maryknoll Classroom Program. Catholic Spirituality for Adults From Orbis Books and RCL Benziger, a path-breaking series in which leading catholic authors explore the deepest dimensions of our spirituality. The spiritual life is ultimately lived in the will rather than the emotions. Consider this point ever so briefly: when you pray the Rosary you are meditating on the life of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the source of every good, every blessing, every grace. Persevere in it, and it will itself be the chain of your own final perseverance.

Three things to ask in our discernment are: Is this thought or suggestion from the Holy Spirit? The child easily experiences joy because she enjoys what is simple. We live in a world of the multiplicity of things and images, which causes a certain overload of life to come down upon us and impedes joy. Some people even find it difficult to put down their cell phones as they walk along a beautiful nature trail. When I see this second way I am above all an unscrupulous observer.

The Holiness of God in Daily Life

It is troubling that in a universe replete with mind-boggling fascinations masses of people live dull and drab lives. Here are instructions given by Father Irala to improve our receptive power in the areas of sight and sound. Keep a tranquil or almost passive attention.

Take your time. Consider the object before you and no other. Pay no attention to any other idea. Let the object enter within you as it is in itself, without any special effort. Look at it the way a young child does. Let yourself be penetrated by the sounds, as above, naturally, without mental discussion of the fact or its cause.

Be a mere receiver of sound and perceive it with pleasure and relaxation.

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Dillard learned how to see like the young girl who, through her doctor, received the gift of sight. I saw the backyard cedar where the mourning doves roost charged and transfigured, each cell buzzing with flame. I stood on the grass with the lights in it, grass that was wholly fire, utterly focused and utterly dreamed. It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen, knocked breathless by a powerful glance.

But in a few days, after a series of good tries, you will succeed in separating the pure sensation from accessory mental processes. And then you will find joy or rest in the sensation itself. Have you seen the tree with the lights in it? Learning to slow down and gather in the beauty of nature with child-like simplicity will be of immense value to all of us — restorative and even transformative in its scope and power.

The beautiful fall season is upon us. I might add that it is well known in mystical theology that prayer becomes progressively supernatural or tending thereto the more simple it becomes, fusing ultimately into a simple gaze upon God Himself. The Mackinaw Bridge, pictured above with my nephew, Brendan, is one of the most spectacular sights to see in Michigan, but in this post I am talking about natural wonders, and, in particular, about scenic views that raise the awe factor to its highest level in Pure Michigan! Michigan has more shoreline than Florida or California, and it is not that surprising that all three of my picks are essentially associated with Great Lakes — two with Lake Superior and the other with Lake Michigan two in the Upper Peninsula and one in the Lower.

Just last Friday I picked up my nephew at in the morning, and we headed north up I for several hours eventually reaching Mackinaw City at the tip of the Michigan mitten, and there we stopped for a few minutes to walk the shore and gander at the mighty Mackinaw Bridge which crosses the strait where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet.

From St. We finally made it to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, setting up our tent about twenty-five yards from the shore of Lake Superior. The stars were so amazing that night that it felt as if we were in a planetarium!

The next day we were to be amply rewarded for our journey when we drove a few miles from our camp to the Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains. I knew I had to visit the Porcupine Mountains before I could write this post because so many people had told me about how beautiful they are. The picture below of the Lake of the Clouds is from our trip and speaks for itself!

With my trip now completed, here is my selection of the three most beautiful, awe-inspiring places in Michigan. I have lived in Michigan most of my life and I have camped at approximately 14 State Parks located in various places on the Great Lakes of Huron, Superior and Michigan.

Pier Davide Guenzi. What we see, then, is Catholic morality via Amoris Laetitia being turned on its head and essentially destroyed as the very things it declares to be intrinsically evil are taught to be good!

Catholic Men, the Spiritual Life, and Our Growth in Holiness-Perfection

Can this possibly work out well for the Church, or does it point to a moral collapse preceded by a spiritual one? In the meantime the very things Saint John Paul II stood for, and for which his Institute was formed, are in essence being used against him. Perhaps the Institute should be renamed in favor of Pope Francis, architect of the new morality. Or, if Pope Francis is truly interested in protecting the faithful from such clearly erroneous teachings, he should immediately intervene to stop these types of heretical moral theories from being taught to the faithful.

That is precisely what a Pope is supposed to do. The Catholic cognitive discipline of purity of heart monitors and detects disordered and evil thoughts, capturing them and deleting them as hostile to growth in holiness. Our goal, then, is to detect and weed out thoughts movements of our heart that are opposed to growth in holiness. What do we want more in our lives than purity of heart?

As soon as we observe that our mind or affections are tending in a sinful direction, we immediately mortify such thoughts or affections, giving them no chance of growth within our souls.

Are there Two Paths to Holiness? Connie Rossini on

Father Lallemant recommends the practice of purity of heart in conjunction with regular, sacramental confession. What an amazing purifying tool at your immediate disposal for growth in holiness: the practice of purity of heart! Its like an ongoing, perpetual examination of conscience that keeps all the junk out of our hearts and mind. And when the junk is gone, we become, as Father Lallemant insists, more docile to the whispers of the Holy Spirit, which we previously could not hear.

Dear friend, take captive every thought in obedience to the Gospel see 2 Corinthians We should practice purity of heart calmy, peacefully, without any panic and with appropriate perspective, with the ultimate goal of keeping ourselves in the peaceful presence of God as much as possible not being too shocked that from time to time we experience some very disconcerting thoughts.

That is what the practice of purity of heart is: holding our heart up to the light! These are:. Or is there a far deeper concern on the mind of Jesus? Jesus himself will be the new, indestructible Temple. Is the Church today more concerned with the spirit of the world than with the salvation of souls, thus impeding its primary mission as a soul-saving institution? Peter Herbeck of Renewal Ministries mentioned in a recent newsletter that the Church is already undergoing a painful purification in regards to the clergy sex abuse crisis. The great Catholic philosopher, Dietrich von Hildebrand, commented long ago that there was a morality crisis infecting the Church in a most dangerous manner.

I therefore end this note with an edited quote from his book, Trojan Horse in the City of God :. One could observe many amoralistic trends creeping into sermons years before Vatican II. The amoralism gaining currency among Catholics is indeed one of the most alarming symptoms of a loss of authentic Christian faith.

Mindfulness meditation: Being still in the presence of God (20 minutes)

Goods such as the earthly welfare of mankind, scientific progress, and the domination of the forces of nature are…considered much more important than moral perfection and the avoidance of sin…. He who cares more for the earthly welfare of humanity than for its sanctification has lost the Christian view of the universe. See also:. Tom Mulcahy, M. Catholic News Service is a leading agency for religious news.

The Holiness of God in Daily Life

Its mission is to report fully, fairly and freely on the involvement of the church in the world today. Lori Biography of Archbishop William E. The document is on the "call to holiness in today's world. The pope celebrated Mass and washed the feet of 12 inmates at the prison. Conference of Catholic Bishops.