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  2. Six pets killed in South Austin house fire - Story | KTBC
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The fire continued well through the night with five tower ladders set up to pour water into the building from above. The Red Cross and the Office of Emergency Management were on the scene to help residents with relocation. The school across the street, PS , was open with children being led into the building from 43rd Street. Firefighters recalled other fires that spread in similar ways and of similar difficulty including a multiple alarm fire at Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay October 24, that killed two people and destroyed the large apartment building and one about four years ago on New York Avenue at Parkside Avenue in East Flatbush that remains vacant to this day.

This page is available to subscribers. Click here to sign in or get access. It looks like you are opening this page from the Facebook App. This article needs to be opened in the browser. Android : Tap the Settings icon it looks like three horizontal lines , then tap App Settings, then toggle the "Open links externally" setting to On it should turn from gray to blue. Maritza Quintana There are a few gofundme pages up for individual families. This is one for the Mendez family. A six-alarm fire ripped through 44th Street in Sunset Par last night.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Rescue 2 firefighters take a breather, one guy with a burn on his forehead. Commander strategizes over how to put out the fire. Hundreds will be left homeless in this rare daylight fire. Residents watch their homes burn. Never miss the day's stories! Thank you FDNY for saving lifes. My prayers to everybody.

John went outside and thought he saw fire, but it was just the moon rising. At that point, according to her phone, it was 11 miles away. Their older daughter, Zoe Giraudo, called from San Francisco.

Scary True Stories Told By The Ambient Fire - Campfire Video - (Scary Stories)

That was 40 miles from the Pascoes. Maybe she was right. No need to panic, but just to be prudent, John grabbed towels and gently wrapped two Dale Chihuly glass bowls that he inherited from his mother and put them in his Toyota Tacoma truck. He took some of his paintings. Soon, the Pascoes would be facing a choice no one should ever have to make: Do we freeze or do we burn? She scooped up their year-old cat and ran to her Mercedes-Benz sedan.

John got in his truck. They drove down their long driveway to Heights Road. They drove back up and parked next to their 1,square-foot house. When Jan opened her car door, the cat leaped out and has not been seen since. Their mountaintop home was built like a boat with small rooms on 11 levels. One had tatami mats, an idea from a restaurant in Bangkok.

Their expansive decks, the site of countless parties over nearly four decades, offered spectacular views of the hills.

Six pets killed in South Austin house fire - Story | KTBC

What are we going to do? They were clean and composed, a handsome couple in borrowed clothes.

here They sat side by side on an overstuffed couch, holding hands, recounting the night they could have died. The depth of their loss had not quite sunk in.

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Jan wore a cozy, soft sweatshirt, and shivered. On Sunday night, Zoe, 38, and her sister, Mia, 32, had spent excruciating hours on the phone — with each other, hospitals, shelters, friends and relatives.

Do you think I need to prepare myself for this? At first light, the Pascoes had been in the pool for about six hours. It was gone.

Science Projects: Exploring The Four Elements

When I made my way to their house Wednesday, I saw their burned-out car and truck sitting on rims. The whole scene looked like the aftermath of the apocalypse. The childproof fencing was in tatters. The water looked toxic. At the far end of the pool, on the decking, a life-size statue of a cherubic angel made it through the fire unscathed. The Pascoes had no idea how widespread and destructive the Tubbs fire had been.

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Entire neighborhoods had been laid to waste between their home and Highway , a distance of about five miles. John was naked but for the T-shirt he wore when he jumped into the pool. His clothes had blown away. Their faces were sooty. Their blondish gray hair was blackened and matted from all the soot and ash. It was about 55 degrees. They were wet, cold and barefoot. But they were alive. Twitter: AbcarianLAT. A family of four tried to outrun the firestorm — only three made it. A Santa Rosa woman died in the fires, her neighbors survived.